Meats by Linz Tenderloin Tails (frozen)

This affordable cut from the tapered end of the tenderloin and is the one of the most tender cuts of meat. Cut it in medallions, pan sear it and serve it with a peppercorn sauce for a classic mignonettes of beef or simply roast it whole, and enjoy the flavor, tenderness and finesse of filet of beef at much reduced price. Meats by Linz Story What started back in 1963 as a small family-owned butcher shop on the south side of Chicago has evolved into one of the premier meat purveyors in the country. More than 50 years later we are proud to still be family owned and have created a name for raising the standards in the restaurant and cattle industries with our breed specific Linz Heritage Angus program. Cuts of meat that are rarely seen outside of the world's top restaurants are now available direct to your door. Welcome to Linz Heritage Angus - We are Defining Angus Beef.