Wagyu Extravaganza Steak Box

The Wagyu "Chefs Are Obsessed With" - The Michelin Guide Westholme cattle were first brought to Northern Australia from Japan more than 20 years ago, with a lineage that traces back to champion Wagyu bulls and cows. These cattle are born wild and roam free on vast Queensland pastures, where they feed on native Mitchell grass. We put great care into producing Westholme beef because we want you to enjoy an outstanding experience every single time you eat it. This beef is well-marbled, supremely tender and possessing a rich, decadent flavor that can only be found in Wagyu. , filets and ribeyes may be their best-known cuts, but lesser-known cuts such as , bavette, top sirloin and mini medallions are equally worthy of delicious discovery. We also include Wagyu burgers for the grill. All of this experience at an exceptional price for a limited time only