Seal The Seasons Strawberries, Ruby June, Super Sweet Variety 32 oz

Grown by: Teresa Cottle. Cottle farms. Locally grown for a world of good. Ruby June strawberries, a variety developed in Lassen County, are best known for their deep red color and their delicious, sweet flavor. By buying fruit grown by farmers from Appalachia to down east, you are supporting families right here in North Carolina. Our mission is to connect responsibly grown local fruit to mindful eaters like you. Together, we can cultivate a better world for everyone. Collective grown local produce. Several years ago we decided to go after a more flavorful berry. After multiple varietal testings, we found the perfect variety, Ruby June. Ruby June has an excellent flavor profile, and great characteristics such as size, color, and most importantly flavor. Teresa Cottle & Per com. Got to be NC agriculture. Product washed prior to freezing. Recycle if clean & dry. Store drop-off with plastic bags. Certified B Corporation. No farms no food. American Farmland Trust.