De Cecco Egg Noodles, Pappardelle No. 101, Enriched 8.8 oz

From Father to Son: Since 1886, we have maintained an important responsibility: Carrying on over 130 years of tradition in making high quality pasta, to bring the pleasure of authentic Italian cuisine to dining tables around the world. The quality of our pasta is certified. 1: Slow Drying: It was in 1889, as recorded in the Treccani Encyclopaedia, when Filippo De Cecco invented the first machine designed for 'Slow drying' at a low temperature. We still use the same method today to better preserve the flavors and aromas of wheat and the natural color of our semolina in order to guarantee a superior quality egg pasta. 2: Coarse Ground Semolina; We only make pasta with 'coarse ground' semolina to maintain the integrity of the gluten and guarantee a pasta that is always 'al dente'. 3: Cage Free Eggs: We use cage free egss and we knead them with the semolina to ensure consistency when cooking the pasta and a good share of protein. 4: Coarse Bronze-Texture: We craft our pasta with bronze draw plates to guarantee the ideal porosity to best capture the sauce.