Old Arthur’s: The Art of Barbecue

Old Arthur's is unique in that the recipes for their products were first formulated over 160 years ago by one of America's original Pitmasters, Arthur Watts. Arthur was born a slave in 1837. His primary task from around the age of 6 was tending the cooking fires on the estate that bonded him.

From this early age, Arthur continuously experimented with the freshest natural ingredients available to him to perfect his sauce to complement the meats he prepared over an open pit. It can be argued that a full Century's worth of effort has gone into the refinement of this sauce. His recipe has been guarded and passed down through the Watts family for over five generations.

Experience the exceptionally rich and robust flavors of his sauces and rubs. Know that these unequalled flavors are the result a single Pit Master’s Concentrated effort over the course of a nearly a Century!

Taste Old Arthur’s to discover for yourself!

Eudell III roasting hog
Old Arthur's BBQ products