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We tried their meal kits and they were amazing! The best part is that you feel like you've made a delicious meal for your family without having to grocery shop or measure an ingredient. Fresh Midwest does all the heavy lifting for you.⁣

Ann M.

I have been using Fresh Midwest for weeks now. With the kids home I love the meal kits -everything is pre chopped. And the kids help cook! Ready to eat sandwiches and fresh snacks are great for WFH. Great produce. So easy. Its all fresh and delicious.⁣


By far the best at home delivery service I have ever used. The amount of care they put into packaging my order, the extremely quick response from customer service (might I add you get to talk to a real person!!), the professionalism of the driver, who handles the package with the upmost amount of care- this is a game changer. Just got my 4th order today, and there will be many more orders to come!⁣

Grace K.

Fresh Midwest has been fantastic for our family of 5. All meal kits, prepared snacks, fruit and vegetables have been super fresh and delicious! The yogurt parfaits and bagels go like hot cakes in the morning. Wagyu steak was absolutely wonderful! Shrimp were huge and delicious! Also tasty Items from Wildfire and Big Bowl. Fancy packaging and lots of delivery times. Our family has made the switch from Whole foods to Fresh Midwest! Thank you Fresh Midwest!⁣

Sean M.

The quality and not having to chop anything won me over. If I’m going to order a meal kit I don’t want much prep.

Joan K.S.

Wow! Was seriously not expecting this! From the ordering process to the very last bite... 10/10!! If you haven’t ordered from here stop what your doing and order NOW! I was hesitant to order but I don’t regret it and I definitely will be ordering in the future! I called their customer service at-least 5 times with questions and the women was so extremely helpful and kind to me. I’ve never had a experience like this before!! I ordered the Wildfire chopped salad and it is enough to feed my family of 4 for 2 days without breaking the bank!

Jacqueline K.

Fresh Midwest was a lifesaver for us when the Pandemic was at its worst and we avoided going into stores. We were so pleased with their products and service that we continue to order from them. Their produce is beautiful and fresh, and their Bell & Evans chicken is priced well and is delicious. They offer meal kits from good local restaurants! The deliveries come in carefully packaged cartons that have been transported in a refrigerated truck. If I have any questions concerning my order, the owners are extremely responsive and helpful. Don't forget to tip the delivery people! They are always prompt and courteous!

Amy G.