Fresh Midwest partners with local schools and organizations to provide a simple and easy fundraising opportunity while providing lunch solutions and fresh foods to you!

Fresh Midwest donates $25 for every new customer, plus 3% of sales of every order assigned to your organization. Plus, new customers get $25 off their order with a unique promo code for your organization.

How it Works
Every new customer that uses the organization’s unique promo code will receive $25 off their first order, plus $25 will be donated back to the organization, plus 3% of their first order and ongoing orders will be donated. The customer only has to input the unique promo code once. We do all the tracking. Only one organization per customer is allowed.

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Start building your lunches

Fresh Midwest specializes in delivering just-picked produce, butcher-quality meats and seafood, chef-prepped meals, restaurant offerings, and more – right to your door.