Whether you are having a few friends over or watching the game with your family, the food is just as important as the game. Up your game this year with unique and delicious choices from Fresh Midwest. New to FreshMidwest? Learn more.

Football Bundle

Double the flavor, double the fun with our Macho Nacho Meal Kit and a family-sized Taco Salad bundle.

Salad Bowl Sunday

Add in some nutritious options with family style salads that feed a crowd.

The Deli

Want an easy way to serve dinner? Order a variety of meats, cheese and bread to fill appetites while doing none of the work.

Chips and Specialty Dips

Get creative with our mix-and-match dips and chips.

Pizza Party

Lou Malnati's pizza is an excellent choice for Game Day. Double the celebration with a heart-shaped pizza surprise.

Easy Charcuterie

Our gourmet charcuterie boxes are the perfect party starters.