The Garwood family has been farming the same land for over 180 years in LaPorte, IN. For 6 generations, they've maintained a focus on farming, family, and community.

Currently running day to day operations are 6th generation Garwood’s. Tom, Brian, and Mike Garwood have taken over for their fathers, Carl and Jim. The thing is this: a family business means you will find family at the business.

From harvest to table, Garwood Orchards care about the product they sell.
As a large wholesale grower, they care about what they grow and for who from how and what they plant, harvest, and sell locally and far away.

Garwood Orchards works within their Indiana climate to use sustainable, healthy growing practices.

When it comes to what they grow or what they buy, quality is number one! Garwood Orchards always offer the best quality produce that you can get.

We went to visit Brian Garwood at Garwood Orchards in LaPorte, IN to see for ourselves the hundreds of acres of beautifully grown fresh produce. We are proud to be partners with Garwood Orchards!