Harry Caray's


You’re not going to believe this news! You can be a part of the Chicago Community with these ultimate favorite food items from the iconic Harry Caray’s restaurants!

Shrimp Cobb SaladShrimp Cobb SaladThis is a new twist on an old Harry Caray's Favorite: Shrimp Cobb Salad. Harry Caray's Executive Chef Shawn Johnson and Fresh Midwest collaborated on this exclusive Summer All Star!
Italian Sausage and PeppersItalian Sausage & PeppersThis dish draws back to Harry’s Italian heritage as well as being one of the most popular dishes at Harry Caray’s restaurants.
Chicken VesuvioHarry's Chicken VesuvioNamed the "Best Chicken Vesuvio in the city" by Chicago Tribune’s food critic, Phil Vettel.
Potato ChipsPotato Chips and More!Find Harry Caray's famous potato chips, delicious side of Vesuvio Potatoes and the best Tiramisu in the City.