Gia would take her sushi bake recipe to friends’ houses and the feedback was so good Gia and her husband, Ray, launched Hot Box Sushi and started selling the bakes out of their car and bringing them to neighborhoods across Chicagoland. Hot Box Sushi is a casserole made of rice, crab mix, and Japanese seasonings that takes eating sushi to a whole new level. This dish is meant to be scooped into seaweed sheets for a fun, interactive eating experience. Or, serve with chips as a dip!

Chicago Mag calls Hot Box Sushi the “hottest trend in Chicago,” Bon Appetit calls it “the trend they will never stop eating” and Chicago Eater calls it “one of the most Unique Virtual Restaurants”.

Most recently Gia created "Banana Pudding by Gia" which has a similar story to Hot Box Sushi. Her friends love it and told her to start selling it!

We are excited to partner with Gia and Ray and offer their products at Fresh Midwest.

Gia, owner of Hot Box Sushi