Happy Mother's Day to our partners who are Moms! See what a few of them have to say about being a working mom. Thank you to all our partners for supporting Fresh Midwest!

Laura Nessel, Director of Marketing & Sales for Wildfire and Big Bowl Restaurants

"Being a working Mom is a complete juggling act. Those balls are only kept in the air with a combination of oh so many things. From a supportive husband, to the world's greatest nanny, helpful family and friends, co-workers you can rely on, an early morning workout to start the day, a sip of hot coffee before the kids wake up, Moms nights out, laughter and wine. But, when you love what you do and enjoy a healthy work-life balance, it's worth all of the juggling."

Gia Lee, Co-Founder of Hot Box Sushi

"I lean on my friends, I live by Google calendar, and have learned to be flexible (whether that means doing social media in the carpool line or registering for dance while at the kitchen). Balls get dropped and kids get stranded places (that was one time!) but my flexible schedule also allows me to be at every kid thing I want to be at, which I'm so thankful for. It's a juggling act and not always pretty but the journey has been worth every chaotic moment."

Stephanie Widman, CEO/Founder of Sweet'thing Bake Shop

"I took time off work to raise my kids. I went back to work to show them two things: you can dream big and hard work pays off. My family always come first but that means late nights and early mornings. It is never perfect, but somehow it all gets done. Starting and growing a family or a business is very challenging but so well worth it."