Our dishes aren’t bracket busters, they will be the highlight of your night! Bring your A Game when entertaining your friends or family for the upcoming basketball games. Fresh Midwest can help you easily impress those you love with these unique and delicious food options!

Entertaining TraysTimeout Entertaining TraysHosting for more than a party of one? No need to worry! Skip the fuss of the grocery store and order your favorite party entertainment trays here.
BurgerCoaches Favorite CutsFeel as though you are watching the game from the stands! Indulge in your favorite stadium items here.
charcuterie boardUp Your GameThese products are a game-changer and will have your family and friends glued to the food table.
sandwichesBuzzer Beater Sandwiches & WrapsWant an easy way to serve dinner? Order a variety of sandwiches and wraps to fill appetites while doing none of the work.
Chili Meal KitHighlight Reel Entertainment Meal KitsA watch party is not complete without chili, soups and salad. Create a delicious dinner with our pre-chopped and pre-measured ingredients so you don’t skip a minute of any of the madness!
saladsSlam Dunk Salad BowlsAdd in some nutritious options with family style salads that feed a crowd.