Jenny's Tofu

Chicago, IL

Tofu, tofu salads and soy milk

Year Round, Beans grown in summer

About Jenny's Tofu

Growing up in Taiwan, Jenny ate a lot of freshly made tofu. She now loves sharing this part of her childhood with family, friends and customers. For over 35 years, Jenny’s Tofu has been using traditional methods to proudly produce the freshest tofu in Chicago. They work with local family farms in Illinois to source the best organic non-GMO soybeans to make the most delicious tofu in their Edgewater shop. Jenny loves seeing people smile when they taste the crisp, soy bean flavor of her tofu. Today, they produce delicious lines of tofu, prepared salads and soymilk sold as Phoenix Bean and Jenny's Tofu.

What Sets Them Apart

The products are freshly made daily.

Partnering with Fresh Midwest

“We've had a successful partnership with Midwest Foods, one of the founders of Fresh Midwest. When we learned Fresh Midwest was being launched to bring high quality, farmer fresh, sustainable products directly to consumers, we knew we were a perfect fit. These are key values both our organizations share.” - Jenny’s Tofu