Chicago, IL

Refrigerated Vegan Soups


About Skinny Souping

“From the beginning our company was started with the idea of bringing soup back to it's roots - the original health food - veggie & broth based, always fresh and absolutely no preservatives.” - Alison Velazquez

Thier Founder, Alison Velazquez, was born in Mexico City, but moved to Chicago when she was very young. Although her family brought little with them, they did bring over their traditions. Eating fresh real food made from scratch was what she knew. Yet, as she grew up and her life got busier she found it increasingly challenging to eat fresh. She was tired of eating protein bars - my body craved fresh veggies. One particularly cold day, She pureed homemade soup, threw it in a mug and ran out the door. The warm goodness was exactly what she had craved - veggies could be eaten on the run, if packaged correctly. She couldn’t resist the opportunity to build something that could help make healthy eating simple, so she decided to create a line of fresh plant-based soups.

What Sets Them Apart

They are female and minority-owned.

Partnering with Fresh Midwest

“We are excited to partner with a local business that is dedicated to providing a great variety of items to their consumers.” - Skinny Souping