Grilling ingredients

With grilling season in full swing, our Food Guru, Tony, recently shared some of his best barbecue tips with WGN News. If you want to make the best burger, check this out!

Tip #1

  • Roll meat into 8 oz or 10 oz balls, do not press hard.
  • Form the balls into patties with a fork. This will help keep the meat loose which will translate into a more tender and juicier burger.

Tip #2

  • Put a thumbprint in the middle of the burger. This will prevent the burger from puffing up and cooking unevenly.
  • Keep it simple, use salt and pepper seasoning to create a nice crust.

Tip #3

  • Cook on the grill medium-high heat (approx. 375-400 degrees), and flip only once.
  • Cook to 155 degrees for at least 15 seconds, but if you want it medium rare, cook until 130-135 degrees.
  • Put cheese on the last minute of cooking, close the lid and let it melt.