Bison Burger


Bison Tips & Tricks

Don't Overcook

Bison is best enjoyed rare to medium-rare. It’s a dense protein, so even if you usually order steak well done, you’ll enjoy bison medium-rare. Believe me I learned this the hard way, cook to no more than medium rare!

1/3 Less Time

Bison steaks require less time than beef to cook. For a 1” steak, we recommend about 3 minutes per side on high heat to maintain a moist and tender texture for medium rare.

Let It Rest

Don’t cut your delicious bison too soon! Rest it twice the time you would for beef (8- 10 minutes is good rule of thumb for burgers and steaks. Hot dogs and sausages let rest 3-5 minutes), so the moisture is re-absorbed and your bison will be tender and juicy.

Check the Temp

Bison steaks and bugers should be cooked to an internal temperature of 120–140°. For the best tasting bison, trust your meat thermometer. It is worth the effort!

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