Burger Tips & Tricks

There is no better experience than a freshly grilled burger on the grill! Here are some tips and a quick recipe for your grilling enjoyment.

Tip 1: Start with fresh ground meat, we love the Meats by Linz 85% lean ground beef as it is the right blend of fat to lean and makes the best burgers. Meat's by Linz produces ground beef for some of the most famous and iconic steakhouses and burger restaurants in the city.

Tip 2: Roll meat into 8 oz or 10 oz balls, do not press hard. Form the balls into patties with a fork. Yes, with a fork. This will help keep the meat loose which will translate into a more tender and juicy burger. If you do not use a fork, form into patties without pressing too hard or long to keep the meat tender. Overworking the meat will make the burger tough and dry.

Tip 3: Put a thumbprint in the middle of the burger, this will prevent the burger from puffing up and cooking unevenly - It really works!

Tip 4: Keep it simple, salt and pepper seasoning, cook on medium-high grill (approx 375 - 400°), and flip only once. The FDA recommends cooking burgers to 155° for at least 15 seconds, but for those of us who like it medium-rare, 130 - 135°.

Above all else let it rest on the bun (the bun will soak up some extra juices from the burger), for a few minutes before biting into it. Our Potato Buns work best!

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