To all of our valued customers,

As you know everybody is being affected by the pandemic,
inflation, fuel prices and economic uncertainty. I have daily phone calls with our vendors
discussing their challenges from the increased cost of fuel, seed, raw materials and labor. I
wanted to recap a few things for you of what we are doing to help you and your family during these
troubled times.

No Increase in Delivery Fee

I want to let you know Fresh Midwest is committed to holding the line on our delivery
fee. Even though gas prices have over doubled since we began Fresh Midwest, we have
no plans on raising delivery fees and most of you enjoy free delivery over $75. You have
my promise on this.

Savings on Products You Buy

Our 3lbs banana bunch will remain $.99, our milk will remain $2.99 a gallon, our ground
beef will continue to be $3.99 and Phil’s cage-free eggs will stay at $3.99. I encourage you
to look at our prices and compare as we will hold the line on these and many more items
important to feeding your family. Please check out our Inflation Busters where you’ll find
these items. We will continue to add to the list as we look to lock in prices on more staples.

Other Ways To Save

To save as much as possible, continue to look for weekly specials and emails that usually
contain a promo code for dollars off your next order. Check out our meal kits, many feed a
family of 4 for under $20.

Locally Driven

Not only does Fresh Midwest supply your family with great food and inspiration, but you are
also helping local families employed by Fresh Midwest and our Partners. Together we will
work through these difficult economic times as Fresh Midwest partners with more local
companies to bring you great food at a value. We are working with our valued partners to
try and hold the line on any price increases. Local helps everyone.

We appreciate your support and business.  As always, I am available to discuss any concerns
or needs you might have.  Drop me a line and I will get back to you by email or phone.

Patrick Fitzgerald
Co-Founder Fresh Midwest