Growing up in the produce business Chefs always got so excited for spring time.

The Spring season was always the start of this country’s incredible growing times. For Chefs, springtime meant English Peas, Fava Beans, Spring Onions, and Sugar Snaps!  I know you are used to seeing canned peas but this is the the real deal.

This English pea is like snipping beans, pull off the vain and pull out the peas. Fava Beans are a double husk bean but the work is a sweet reward.  Spring onions are less intense than dried onions and has twice the moisture content for a smooth onion flavor. Lastly, the Sugar Snap. It's honestly is one of my favorite vegetables. It's simple, easy, makes a great snack, and I love them!

Fresh Midwest; Foods you crave, Restaurants you love.

See you next week!

– Patrick