Caramel Apples

How do you like your apples? This week we've added Taffy Apples, from Affy Tapple; CrimsonCrisp Apples, from Van Laar's Fruit Farm; and Apple Cider from Sunrise Orchards.

Did you know that the first Caramel Apple was created right here in Chicago? That's right! Affy Tapple, is known as the original creator of the first caramel apple. Don't believe me? It's right there on the label!

Van Laar's Fruit Farm is a family farm out of Capron, IL. Their CrimsonCrisp is amazing and we have it! A must try.

The Apple Cider from Sunrise Orchards is from Gays Mills, WI. This family has been producing apples since 1913. Now how do you like them apples?