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Curated Produce Box by Patrick

Patrick created this special produce box which contains the finest produce items of the week. He carefully curates this selection to bring you the best of the season, making each box a delightful surprise of everyday produce items.

You’ll love all the flavors and freshness of this exclusive box, AND, you’ll love the value. A $30 value for $19.99! It's yours for FREE on your first order.

Cannot be combined with other offers. Only valid on your first order. Minimum order is $30

Fresh Midwest Produce is the Best!

Fresh Midwest Expertise
Our Expertise
Over 75 years of family produce experience, employs sustainability and local experts.
Fresh Midwest Process
Our Process
Hand-selected produce, refrigerated trucks, one-touch process.
Fresh Midwest Facility
Our Facility
Five temperature zones, highest global safety certifications.

Cannot be combined with other offers. Valid only on your first order. Minimum order is $30.