The Scheeringa family has been farming the same land for over 81 years in Highland, IN. For 3 generations, they've maintained a focus on farming, family, and community.

At Scheeringa Farms, they have a history that’s as rich as the soil they plant in.

Scheeringa Farms works within their Indiana climate to use sustainable, healthy growing practices. By using better weed control, natural fertilizers plant care materials, and methods that use less water, to produce healthier plants and provide you with cleaner, quality produce.

They also have completed a project in 2014 with their current, state-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. all-under-glass showroom greenhouse. It includes automatic watering and venting systems and heating units.

By attentively tending to the plants as they mature, Scheeringa Farms are able to harvest a high-quality, bountiful crop.

We went to visit Jenny Scheeringa and her family at Scheeringa Farms in Highland, IN to see for ourselves the beautifully grown fresh produce. We are proud to be partners with Scheeringa Farms!

Scheeringa Farms
Patrick Fitzgerald at Scheeringa Farms