Bibigo Dumplings, Pork & Vegetable, Steamed 6.6 oz

Share Korean flavor. Sauce included. Fully cooked ready in 1 min 45 sec. A Discovery Worth Sharing: At Bibigo, we make more than just food. We have a contagious zel for sharing thousands or years of time-honored craft to bring you an authentic, Korean culinary experience. We obsess over every detail of our products because it's our passion to bring you the most authentic and delicious flavors with unprecedented convenience. We know what it takes to make food that brings people together. Simple to enjoy. Definitely worth sharing. Savory and Juicy Filling: Bite into deliciously warm and delectable dumplings that are perfectly seasoned. Easy & Convenient: Microwavable tray is designed to perfectly steam each dumpling for easy clean-up. Rich & Flavorful: Carefully crafted with a thin wrapper to taste more of the succulent flavor inside each dumpling. Dipping Sauce Included: A tangy, soy-vinegar dipping sauce is the ideal accompaniment.