Cheese Board - Midwest Creamy Cheese Experience

Who does not love a creamy melt in your mouth brie with a depth flavor! If this describes you, this board is for you, starting with the highly prize Tulip Tree Trillium to the savory award winning Sartori Dolcina Gorgonzalo! Tulip Tree Trillium - Triple creme, bloomy rind cheese, inspired by the French classics- Camembert and Brie. Carr Valley Creama Kasa - An incredibly rich and flavorful triple-cream cheese that’s like pure heaven. Its flavor is buttery and piquant, and it melts in your mouth. Perfect for spreading on warm bread! Sartori Dolcina Gorgonzola - Extra cream and indulgent aging are the secrets to this mild, rich cheese-lover’s dream. Gorgonzola was first born in the town of the same name near Milan in 879 A.D. Perfected by Sartori in 2007, this award-winning “dolce latte,” or sweet milk–style Gorgonzola, is especially silky and smooth.