Wisconsin World Champion Cheese Maker Board

This is a champion cheese board that will make any party or get-together a hit! It comes complete with the board, 3 award winning cheeses and an assortment of local honey that will pair wonderfully with the cheeses and make your tasting more interesting. Marieke Young Gouda - Holland’s Family Cheese team transforms farmstead-fresh, raw cow’s milk from their own cows on the family-farm into award-winning cheese, which is then carefully cured on imported Dutch pine planks in temperature and humidity-controlled aging cellars. Creamy and buttery with slight sweet notes. LaClare Chandoka - Made with a mix of cow and goat's milk, this is a mild, creamy, fruity cheese with rich, cheddary notes. As the cheese ages, the cow's milk develops the fruity characteristics, while the goat's milk develops sweet, tangy notes. This cheese was the 2015 ACS Best of Show 2nd place winner and the 1st place winner in the American originals category. Hook's Truffle Cheddar - The ultimate refinement of the classic American style Cheddar. Hook's Truffle Cheddar is a luxurious cheddar with black truffles and the complexity of a well aged wine. Ames Honey Mini - local honey variety pack.