Good Humor Ice Cream Bars, Low Fat, Vanilla Flavored 6 ea

Ice cream truck favorites. Same original taste. The original brand. Summertime in America: Bikes on the block. Running under sprinklers. Playing In the park. And, most Importantly, the jingle of the ice cream truck on a hot day. In 1920 in the small town of Youngstown, Ohio an entrepreneur changed the course of history by inventing the concept of ice cream on a stick. These stick bars are known today as our favorite Good Humor products. From humble beginnings of delivering ice cream on push carts and bikes, Good Humor has become synonymous with the ice cream truck, committed to spreading joy to neighborhoods across America. Good Humor has continued the legacy of the Ice Cream truck and supported entrepreneurs by providing a classic product that can be sold anytime, anywhere - like the Original Orange n' Cream Bar from Creamsicle. It continues to be our pleasure to serve up Moments of Joy to your neighborhood - it's what we do best! Inner units not labeled for retail sale.