GoodPop Chocolate Fudge Pops 4 - 2.5 fl oz Pops

Ingredients. Flavors. Mission. Good pops, good purpose. We're a small company with a big passion for doing social good & giving back. The Good in our name goes beyond making deliciously clean frozen treats. The GoodPops you're enjoying create everyday social good via fair trade & organic ingredients sourcing, humanitarian efforts and our Pledge Good Program. Ingredients flavors mission. The three pillars that each and every GoodPop stands for! The Good in GoodPop. The cleaned up classic. An indulgent combination of fair trade cocoa. All organic! Coconut cream and coconut sugar. If it's a GoodPop, it's never have - HFCS, GMOs, refined sugar or sugar alcohol sweeteners. This GoodPop won't be good forever. Responsible Fair Trade Ingredient Sourcing. Pledge good. Do good. Feel good. Pick a good deed & make your pledge. GoodPop donates to a cause of your choice. Everyone wins! It's that simple! Racial equality. Ending hunger in America. Helping animals find homes. A healthy environment. Certified B Corporation. Business as a force for good.