Prairie Grass Café Slow Roasted Salmon Meal Kit

In spite of her award-winning history, Chef Sarah Stegner is modest in the way she approaches her life as a chef, she's an easy person to embrace, and so likeable you just want to cheer her on. She wanted to share this popular and favorite Slow Roasted Salmon Meal Kit. "There is nothing like the incredible mellow flavor of salmon produced when slow roasting with hand made Prairie Grass tomato butter With Sarah's commitment to sustainability The slow roasted salmon meal kit features Verlasso Salmon a leader in sustainable practics and Verlasso salmon was the first ocean raised salmon to receive the coveted “​Yellow, a Good Alternative” recommendation from the Monterey Bay Aquarium! You will enjoy this incredible dinner accompanied by a side of citrus tossed vingeratte dressing slaw created by Chef Sarah 2 time James Beard Award Winner!