Meats by Linz - The Great Chicago Steakhouse Collection

Enjoy these 6 great steaks that are served at the best steakhouses in Chicago. The perfect sampling to experience what sets Linz Heritage Angus apart from the rest and what makes Chicago the premier capital for the best steakhouses in America! - (2) Linz Heritage Angus Reserve Bone in Ribeye 20 oz -The ribeye has earned its name as the most flavorful steak out there due its abundant marbling. The ribeye shines most when aged to perfection. (2) Tenderloin Filets 8 oz Linz Heritage Angus Reserve - known as the queen of steaks, the tenderloin filet is the most tender cut out there. These Linz Heritage Angus filets come center cut and aged to perfection. (2) Boneless Strip Steaks 14 oz Linz Heritage Angus Reserve - The perfect balance of marbling and texture. These boneless strips are aged for a minimum of 28 days to provide the ultimate steak experience.