Maty's Organic Nighttime Cough Syrup 6FO

Naturally drug free. Contains no artificial preservatives, color additives, sweeteners, corn, soy or wheat. This is produced in a shared facility. 10 Immune Boosters in Every Spoonful: Honey; sea salt; lemon peel; cinnamon; cayenne pepper; apple cider vinegar; chamomile tea; marjoram; nutmeg; zinc. We thoughtfully curate our ingredients from mother nature's cupboard. Mother nature's apothecary. When modern medicine didn't work for her baby girl, Maty's mom turned to the inherent wisdom of another - Mother Nature - to create pure, whole food-based alternatives. Recipes from simpler times that are even more effective today. This bottle is functionally filled to 6 fl. oz. to leave room for shaking as necessary. Vitamin Angels: We donate a portion of every sale to Vitamin Angels.