New Chapter Every Woman's 40+ Multivitamin Vegetarian Tablets 48 ea Box

Formulated for absorption. Nutrition Crafted For: Immune, energy & healthy aging support. The Magic Inside: Essential nutrients your body can recognize, fermented & blended with superfood herbs and hormone-supporting chaste tree. Complete Multivitamin: For the Needs of Women 40+: Expertly formulated to support the holistic health needs of women age 40 & beyond, with nutrients for heart, brain, bone & breast health support, stress & digestive support, and healthy hair, skin & nails. Immune & Energy Boosting: Fermented zinc (Not a sole source of this nutrient, a healthy diet is also important) and vitamins C & A support immune system function, while 8 B vitamins promote energy metabolism. Healthy Aging Support: Provides essential vitamins for women over 40, including vitamin B12 to maintain eye health and skin-supportive vitamin C. Holistic Herbs: Inspired by tradition and grounded in science, advanced organic botanicals include turmeric, red clover and broccoli sprouts. Absorb the Good Stuff: We fine-tune the levels of each high-quality vitamin & mineral, choose types that work best with the body, and ferment key nutrients with probiotics and whole foods. With gratitude from Vermont. Please recycle this box after use. Certified B Corporation: This company meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact.