Silk Iced Latte Coffehouse Drink Mocha

100 calories per serving. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Dairy-free & gluten-free. Coffeehouse drink. Love your soy latte right at home. Say hello to supremely delicious, ready-to-drink Silk Iced Latte straight from the fridge for 100 calories. Just shake, pour over ice and watch your mood improve. Home is where the latte is. Passion in every sip. At Silk, passion for great taste runs in our veins. And so does our commitment to keeping foods simple and dairy-free, with no artificial flavors or colors. You can taste the difference in every sip of our perfectly balanced, deliciously smooth soy iced latte. Great beans, great coffee. We start with 100% espresso from arabica beans. Then we blend in Silk soymilk, add a sweet kiss of flavor, and you've got a carton of pure happiness in your fridge. Enjoy. Love it guarantee. Honest to goodness, a promise from Silk. For more than 15 years, we've brought you simple, delicious foods. And the philosophy behind it is simple, too: start with ingredients that are grown responsibly, and keep them as close to nature as we can .Today more than ever, we want you to know exactly what that means. No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup, dairy-free, non-gmo ingredients, responsibly produced. Its free! Silk Iced Latte is free of dairy, gluten, lactose, cholesterol, eggs, casein, MSG and worries. You still have to pay for it, though. Made in USA.