Worthington XBurger Patties 2 ea

21 g Non-GMO protein. Vegan. Ready to grill. Raw & ready to cook. The X Burger looks, cooks, and satisfies just like a beef burger! Why X? The XBurger gets its meaty goodness directly from clean protein-rich plant sources. The X in our new line of XMeats signifies our commitment to exceptional 100% Plant-Based foods, free from any animal products! Eating plant-based XBurger uses: 8X less water. 9X less land. 8X less Co2 vs. a beef burger. Sustainably sourced palm oil. Free from artificial ingredients. www.eatworthington.com. Follow Us at: Facebook: fb.com/worthingtonfoods. Instagram (at)worthingtonfoods. Post your favorite Worthington product recipe and photo and tag (at)worthingtonfoods and (hashtag)Burger to get featured! Help make this a Plant Powered world. Find more information: eatworthington.com. DossRaceSeries.org. Desmond Doss Memorial Race Series. Find more information DossRaceSeries.org. Recycle. Manufactured in the USA.