Holiday Steak Boxes, Themed Gift Boxes and Midwest Cheese Boards are perfect for at-home entertaining and family nights, or sending to nearby friends and loved ones this holiday season. Order today for next-day delivery, or convenient times and days throughout the month.

Holiday Steak Boxes

The Great Chicago Steak Collection
Enjoy 5 great steaks that are served at the best steakhouses in Chicago. This perfect sampling gives you the experience to see what sets Linz Heritage Angus apart from the rest and what makes Chicago the premier capital for the Best Steakhouses in America.

Tomahawk Show Stopper Gift Set
The show stopper, jaw dropper, and absolute center of attention at any restaurant. - Beef Ribeye Tomahawk Chop Linz Heritage Angus. When this steak comes out, everyone knows it! Now you can enjoy it at home or give as a gift to your friends.

Wagyu Sirloin Steak Experience
Sirloin is the most flavorful of Wagyu steaks, these sirloin steaks are fully trimmed to exclude external fat and really shows the sweet and succulent flavor profile that has made Westholme Wagyu famous. Ready now for your favorite grill or cast-iron pan…simply season, sear, rest, and serve!

Themed Gift Boxes

Local Charcuterie Collection
Enjoy an impressive assortment of savory specialties from local Midwest artisans. From a spicy spreadable salami from Tempest Ndua to Red Bear Truffled Pig produced by a local women-owned company. Enjoy condiments to go with it from Local Folks mustard and Spiced Almonds from our artisan friends in Wisconsin.

Midwest Breakfast Treats
There is no better way to start the morning than with some local Midwest freshness! This box contains delectable locally harvested apples and locally crafted breakfast treats by Midwest artisans.

Local Artisan Hot and Sweet Box
If your tastes run sweet or spicy or just delicious, this box is for you!  Great as a gift or enjoy with family and friends during the holidays.  From candy to jerky to salsa and little magic dust thrown in for fun cooking, this box is sure to be a crowd pleaser and conversation starter. 

Midwest Cheese Boards

Wisconsin World Champion Cheese Board
This is a champion cheese board that will make any party or get-together a hit!  It comes complete with the board, 3 award winning cheeses and an assortment of local honey that will pair wonderfully with the cheeses and make your tasting more interesting. 

Wine Lover's Cheese Board
Looking for a quiet evening with family and friends.  This cheese board will pair perfectly with your favorite wines and will be a great conversation starter.

Midwest Creamy Cheese Experience
Who does not love a creamy melt in your mouth brie with a depth flavor! If this describes you, this board is for you, starting with the highly prize Tulip Tree Trillium to the savory award winning Sartori Dolcina Gorgonzalo!